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• 1992. based company as the manufacturer of enclosures, power supplies, and UPS.

• 2004. expanding product line and the company begins to produce consumer electronics, multimedia, peripherals and accessories.

• 2006. The company buys the Kuwaiti investment fund that currently ensures stable funding at any stage of cooperation.

• 2013. It begins active promotion in the direction of the office furniture and compatible consumables.

• 2015. the company has its own production facilities for the production of most of the product lines.

• 2015. The opening of new international offices of the company. Offices are located in Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, UAE, US, China, India, Pakistan, Kuwait, Ghana, Qatar and other countries.

2016. the opening of the European warehouse in Hamburg. Objective: To ensure that the European consumer products and rapid logistics in the CIS countries.

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