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The new generation of line-interactive UPS from 800 VA to 3000 VA are designed to protect servers and other equipment critical to the shape of the supply voltage of the main problems with power supply: high-voltage pulses, electromagnetic and radio frequency interference, slides, promotions and extinction voltage sources.†The ability to use SNMP-card make this class attractive for the protection of responsible computing and telecommunications equipment.


  • LCD-display
  • Pure sine output when running on battery
  • On Self Test
  • Cold start
  • Case type universal (TOWER & RACK)
  • PF - 0.9
  • Line Interactive UPS Class
  • Stabilization of high and low input voltage
  • Operating support for hot swap battery function
  • Programmable output sockets
  • Various line-up of outlets
  • The presence of EPO plugs for quick emergency power off
  • Availability management ports: USB, RS-232, SNMP, RJ-11/45
  • Protection against short-circuit, overload and other interference in the input power
  • Adjustable battery charge current
  • Charge the battery when the UPS is off



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UPS Type

Line Interactive


Form Factor

Universal (installation in 19 '' rack or on the floor) (Tower & Rack)

Number of phases


1 phase input to ground with ground and 1-phase output from the ground

Input parameters


2500 VA / 2250 W

Input voltage

208/220/230 / 240V

Input voltage range

162 - 290 V

Current frequency

50/60 Hz ± 10% (auto sensing)

Output parameters

Output voltage

220/230 / 240V ± 3%

Form voltage

Pure Sine Wave

Current frequency

50/60 Hz ± 0.5%

Switching time

2 ~ 6 ms, including the determination of the time

Harmonic voltage fluctuations

<2% (linear load) and <5% (with a non-linear load)

Crest factor


Protection and UPS equipment

Surge Protection


UPS protection against overloads


Protection for UPS input

Circuit breaker

UPS protection for short circuit

Immediate shutdown of the UPS, or protection by means of the input circuit breaker

Protect the phone, fax, modem, LAN

1 x Rl11 / RJ45

Ports and interfaces


Indication of low battery power, the voltage at the input / output load power management on / off UPS


Indication of low battery power, the voltage at the input / output load power management on / off UPS

Port emergency shutdown EPO

UPS shutdown opening EPO connector pins



Accumulator battery

A type

Lead acid, sealed, maintenance-free

Voltage and battery capacity

12V / 7AH x 6


Typical recharge time

4 hours (up to 90% of full battery capacity)

Estimated battery backup time (at 50% load)


Estimated battery backup time (at 100% load)


Hot-swappable batteries


Connecting additional battery cabinets


Cold start


Battery protection

Automatic verification and protection of critical discharge on LCD-display Battery replacement indicator

Physical parameters

Output connectors

8 x IEC-320 C13 with redundant power and filtering (including 4 pcs. Programmable) + 1 x IEC320 C19 with redundant power or 3 x EURO with redundant power and filtering (including 1 pcs. Programmable)

Dimensions (W * D * B) mm

438x630x88 (2U)

Weight, kg



LED and LCD-display

Sound alarm

Standby mode - a rare acoustic signal (1 every 10 seconds);†Low Battery - a frequent beep (every second);†overload - a very special sound signal (every 0.5 seconds);†fault - continuous beep

Case features


Metal (0.5 mm)

Environmental Parameters

Acoustic noise

<45 dB (1 meter from the surface)

Working conditions

Humidity 0% to 90% non-condensing, temperature: 0 ~ 40 ?C


Standard warranty

1 year

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