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Marvel 2K

Marvel series inverters are linearly-interactive with pure sine wave output. Ability to connect a 12-volt batteries of various capacities (up to 200 Ah) provides long runtime at a low cost. This feature greatly expands the scope of the inverters and makes them indispensable for the protection of critical equipment such as a gas or a solid fuel boiler in a private home, a variety of water pumps, lighting, as well as sensitivity to other consumer electronics voltage spikes. In general, this device combines multiple functions, as the inverter, voltage stabilizer and UPS.


  • Microprocessor control - high reliability guarantee
  • Pure sine output during battery operation
  • Wide input voltage range adjustment
  • It provides stable output voltage
  • Ability to connect external batteries of various capacities (up to 200 AH)
  • Protection against short-circuit, over voltage, over temperature, overload and other interference in the input power supply combined with automatic power switch and fuse
  • Selection of the value of the charging current function
  • Suitable for all kinds of home appliances sensitive to voltage surges
  • Different arrangement of outlets for ease of use
  • Availability of digital display and LED indication
  • Compact size, light weight, low noise
  • Cold Start Function
  • AutoRecover operation when a voltage of the input power

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UPS Type

Line Interactive


Form Factor

Floor (Tower)

Input parameters


2000 VA / 1400 W

Input voltage


Input voltage range

140 - 300

Current frequency

50/60 Hz ± 1% (auto sensing)

Output parameters

Output voltage

220 / 230V ± 10%

Form voltage

Pure Sine Wave

Current frequency

50/60 Hz ± 1%

Switching time

4 ms, including the determination of the time

Automatic voltage regulation (AVR)

1 step down, two steps up

Protection and UPS equipment

Surge Protection


UPS protection against overloads


Protection for UPS input

Fuse for overload protection and short circuit protection

UPS protection for short circuit

Immediate shutdown of the UPS using the input fuse

Protect the phone, fax, modem, LAN


Ports and interfaces





Accumulator battery

A type

Lead acid, sealed, maintenance-free

Voltage and battery capacity

2 pcs. Battery 12 V 7 AH to 12 V 200 AH

Typical recharge time

Depending on the connected battery

Estimated battery backup time (at 50% load)

Depending on the connected battery

Estimated battery backup time (at 100% load)

Depending on the connected battery

Connecting additional battery


Cold start


Battery protection

Automatic verification of the battery and when the protection of the critical category

Physical parameters

Output connectors

4 x Euro with redundant power and filtration

UPS Dimensions (W * D * B) mm


Weight, kg



LED (green LED - supply from the mains power, yellow LED - work redime of battery, red LED - overload or fault)

Sound alarm

Standby mode - a rare acoustic signal (1 every 5 seconds, then repeat every 60 seconds); low battery level - sound beeps (last 16 seconds);overload - a very special sound signal (every 2 seconds);

Case features


Metal (0.5 mm thick)

Electrical connection to the front

Power cable

Removable c EURO plug (length 1.2 m)

Environmental Parameters

Acoustic noise

<50 dB (1 meter from the surface)

Working conditions

Humidity 0% to 90% non-condensing, temperature: 0 ~ 40 ° C


Standard warranty

1 year

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