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hit CMC-SMP 881

  • The lock with a set of keys on the front panel;
  • tamper switch;
  • Disguised door;
  • Lock against arbitrary loss of the cable to the power supply;
  • Ability to install the fan on the front panel;
  • Possibility of installation of 2 fans on the side panel.

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A unique computer case seriesSMART PRO

Computer case has a robust structure that fixes the computer components and protects them from external physical impact. Stylish appearance will impress any user. Gently seamed edge of the housing guarantee safe operation of specialists in computer assembly. The inner walls are covered with a special black paint that will protect your computer components from electromagnetic radiation.

Distinctive features:

  • Castle with a set of keys mounted on the front panel power button locks the PC
  • opening sensor;
  • A veiled door, behind which the I / O panel with two USB connectors, and connectors for microphone and headphones;
  • Velcro cable mounted on the power supply. It prevents arbitrary loss of the cable; & Nbsp;
  • Ability to set the fan 12 cm, on the front panel; & nbsp;
  • Ability to install two fans on the side panel of the case: 9,12,14 cm; & nbsp;
  • Modern bright design with glossy surfaces; & nbsp;
  • seamed edge of the housing ensure safe and convenient operation when configuring the computer; & nbsp;
  • The metal chassis is covered with a special coating to protect against electromagnetic radiation computer components; & nbsp;
  • The ribs increase the structural strength; & nbsp;
  • Factory assembly provides high quality product; & nbsp;
  • Retail shockproof plastic packaging and protective bag - keep marketable products from moisture damage and technical.



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Frame size


Smart Plus

Type case

Middle Tower

PSU Standard


Standard motherboard

ATX / Micro-ATX


5,25" outer


5,25" inside


3,5" outer


3,5" inside



Housing material

Steels SECC standard, high-quality plastic

Wall thickness

0.6 mm


Front panel

1*12 cm (optional)

Back panel

1* 8/9 cm (optional)

Side cooling

1* 8/9 cm (optional)

The connectors on the front panel


2*USB 2.0





Physical parameters

The size

415*175*400 mm



Set screws and bolts; Power cord; 2 pcs * Removable basket for the HDD;. Replacement plug for PCI devices, power supply cable with a clamp, dust sensor (optional); tamper; Shockproof packing with a plastic bag.

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