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CMU-800 LCD Euro

Stylish, reliable, efficient - the CROWN UPS - is a guarantee of stable and long-term operation of your equipment.


  • AVR (stabilizer) - Automatic voltage regulation;
  • Nine amp battery;
  • Long-life rechargeable batteries;
  • Unmatched design;
  • Easy to use;
  • Quality Assurance.


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Working in comfort

Uninterruptible power supply enables you to work comfortably at your computer without fear of a sudden power failure during operation. You can safely shut down the PC, while keeping all data.


Protection from basic power problems

The model is designed to protect personal computers and workstations from the major problems with power supply: high emissions of electromagnetic and radio frequency interference, slides, promotions and extinction voltage sources.


  • Design. New, fresh, fun look of uninterruptible power supplies to complement and supplement your stylish ensemble of computer equipment.
  • AVR - stabilizer. All models come with automatic voltage regulation - AVR. This technological solution extends equipment life by aligning the input voltage.
  • Batteries. All UPS CROWN used proprietary, sealed, maintenance-free, lead-acid batteries CROWN. CROWN batteries are characterized by their high quality, which is achieved due to high battery life.
  • UPS coating. Cases of all models painted with scratch-resistant paint, "Moire", a special dye is pleasant to the touch and allows you to store presentation UPS.
  • Retail packing. Updated appearance of the retail packaging of all UPS models CROWN. The new packaging features a new anti-shock design, which prevents damage to the UPS.

Ability to use a surge protector

The model can be used as a network filter, even when the UPS is switched off. If you are running the equipment from the UPS is off, you can always turn on the UPS without disturbing and without restarting the operating equipment which is connected to it.



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UPS Type



Form Factor


Input parameters


800 VA / 450W

Input voltage


Input voltage range

145 - 280 V

Current frequency

50/60 Hz ± 1% (auto sensing)

Output parameters

Output voltage

220 / 230V ± 10%

Form voltage

Stepped approximation to a sinewave

Current frequency

50/60 Hz ± 1%

Switching time

2-4 ms, including the determination of the time

Automatic voltage regulation (AVR)

1 step down, two steps up

Protection and UPS equipment

Surge Protection


UPS protection against overloads

Load ? 120% of the sound signal;†

120%, the output power is automatically turned off, the speaker begins to beep continuously

Protection for UPS input

Fuse for overload protection and short circuit protection

UPS protection for short circuit

Immediate shutdown of the UPS using the input fuse

Protect the phone, fax, modem, LAN


Ports and interfaces






A type

Lead acid, sealed, maintenance-free

Voltage and battery capacity

12V / 9AH x 1

Typical recharge time

8 hours (up to full capacity of the battery)

Estimated battery backup time (at 50% load)


Estimated battery backup time (at 100% load)


Connecting additional battery


Cold start


Battery protection

Automatic verification of the battery and when the protection of the critical category

Physical parameters

Output connectors

3 x Euro with redundant power and filtration, 1 x IEC-320 C13 Bypass

UPS Dimensions (W * D * B) mm


Weight, kg



LCD-display (input and output voltage, current, frequency, battery charge level, load level

Sound alarm

Standby mode - a rare acoustic signal (1 every 5 seconds, then repeat every 60 seconds);†low battery level - sound beeps (last 16 seconds);†overload - a very special sound signal (every 2 seconds);

Case features


Metal (0.5 mm)

Electrical connection to the front

Power cable

Removable c EURO plug (length 1.2 m)

Environmental Parameters

Acoustic noise

<40 dB (1 meter from the surface)

Working conditions

Humidity 0% to 90% non-condensing, temperature: 0 ~ 40 ?C


Standard warranty

1 year

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